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My printer is producing poor quality. What do I do?

Please call us immediately. We have a lot of experience and can often diagnose the cause over the telephone. If our toner or inkjet cartridge is causing the problem we will remedy it without charging for a service call. If your printer needs repair, our rates are very competitive. If we are uncertain whether the toner or ink is at fault, we will send a technician to you, or suggest the best way to solve the problem.

Do you collect empty cartridges?

Yes. Some cartridges have no commercial value and cannot be recycled, but we require empty cartridge to refill and rebuild. Call our collections line 0800 008 005.

I've purchased a new toner from you, what do I do with the old one?

We normally send a pre-printed, addressed courier ticket to you with cartridges we send from our office. When you are ready to return the old cartridge, call the 0800 number on the instruction sheet for the courier to collect.
Sometimes we send products direct from our wholesale suppliers to you. In this case, please call our office so we can post or email you a courier ticket.

I'm thinking of replacing my old printer or copier. What should I purchase?

Many people make the mistake of going to a retailer and purchasing a machine off the shelf, based on the ticket price. The real cost of a printer or copier is the total cost of ownership. This includes the per page cost of printing and the on-going maintenance cost of the machine. A cheap printer may have a high per page cost and be unsuitable for a user who prints larger numbers of pages per month. Let us help you work out what the best solution is for you. We sell new and quality used equipment and our prices are competitive. (But even if you purchase elsewhere, we are happy to advise… and hopefully supply consumables in the future.)

I have a need to print larger quantities, but my budget is small. Help?

Toner Express sells good quality second-hand equipment as well as new machines. It can be wise to buy a larger, more robust second-hand printer that can handle your work-load, but not break the bank. Talk to us!
We also supply printers and copiers on service contracts. There are several ways to structure this, but essentially, we supply a machine and the toners etc. and charge you a fee for every page printed. (This is a very common arrangement with larger photocopiers, but it is also possible for smaller machines and printers.) Once again, please call to discuss. 

My ink or toner cartridge has unexpectedly run out or malfunctioned and now I’m in a panic to get work done. What can I do?

We recommend that our clients carry a set of spare cartridges in stock, so that they can immediately carry on. Please consider this. If you have not got a spare, please call us. We do our best to respond rapidly to all emergencies using urgent couriers. (We’ve even had our clients email documents and printed them on our in-house printers!)

I have an occasional need for colour printing, or for printing larger quantities. However, this occurs not often enough to justify buying a printer especially for the job. Can you help?

Yes. Although we are not primarily a copy centre, we have good printers and copiers here and we are happy to give you a price to print or copy for you.