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Shall I buy recycled toner cartridges?

Monday, 17 November 2014

The days of the backyard, homebrew toner refiller are gone. The only selling point these people had was price, but that has been completely erroded by cheap compatible cartridges coming out of Asia. There's just not enough business left to keep a man and his dog driving around refilling toners.

Now days people think differently to when remanufacturing first started. Price is not everything, but neither is buying the original product. People like green thinking; some people even demand it. Many big corporates insist on full cycle recovery of IT equipment, especially toners. If you can't recycle it, you don't get the deal.

At Toner Express we still remanufacture. That's a fancy word to re- manufacture. It's refilled, recycled, green even. Our products are not the cheapest around, nor are they the most expensive, but they are the best. Here's why:

Toner Express Benefits & Strengths:


NZ Made: Manufactured in house in Auckland. Tight quality controls & manufactured to OEM standard. We keep Kiwi’s in work.

Green: Our product is made from empty original cartridges, not compatible cartridges. This means that our product is 90% the same as the OEM. This also reduces landfill and waste, and is good for our country.

100% Guaranteed: We guarantee our cartridges will perform like the originals, with an equivalent page yield. Our experience is that many of the compatibles coming out of Asia don’t.

Full Cycle Support: Advice on purchasing the correct machine for your needs; service and parts, in-house and onsite; recycling of used equipment. 

Our high end remanufacturing and recycling is good for New Zealand, good for the economy, and good for your business.

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