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Buy Used Machines

Not only do we sell brand-new printers, copiers and multifunction printers, from entry level machines to high-volume, very sophisticated devices, but we also sell quality, carefully-selected used machines.

This is a very intelligent option for customers who want high-level options on a limited budget, or who need these options infrequently and, for customers who want to print large volumes or large sized pages economically.

For example, are you a smaller engineering company or architect’s office, a charitable organisation with limited budget, a company needing to produce in-house promotional material, with flexibility to change the document?

Even if you can afford brand-new equipment, do you really need to? Some of our second-hand equipment is still quite current, but at drastically lower prices.

You can buy outright, or (for certain machines) place it on a service/lease agreement.

Please enquire.