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Warranty & Guarantee


We guarantee all cartridges supplied.

  • New cartridges from the Original Equipment Manufacturer have the warranty specified by the manufacturer.
  • New compatible cartridges also have the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Refilled or rebuilt toner cartridges made by Toner Express NZ Ltd are guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction until the toner is used up. In the event of a deterioration of print quality or other malfunction, we will replace or give a pro-rata credit proportional to the amount of unused toner left in the cartridge.

Warranty on printers & photocopiers

  • All new equipment supplied by Cardy Ltd Ltd will carry the warranty given by the original equipment manufacturer. 
  • The warranty given on second-hand equipment will be as agreed between Cardy Ltd and the purchaser at the time of sale. 
  • Warranties on equipment supplied under a service contract or lease are covered by the Service Agreement.