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    Short Run Packaging - Go Digital

    Introducing the Neptune 6040 digitial die cutting machine

    Digital cut virtually any shape you want; create youre own boxes, tags, small signs etc.

    Digital packaging is great for

    - Short runs

    - White labelling

    - OEM

    - Variable Data

    Watch the video:


    Packaging Printer with WHITE toner
    What do you want to print on? Bags, magnets, transfers? The addition of WHITE toner enables printing on substrates such as black, craft, and clear medias.
    Managed Print with Cardy
    Managed Print with Cardy

    The name Cardy has been synonymous with business equipment since the early 1970’s. The industry has changed a lot since then, but Cardy’s mission is the same: To provide our clients with the best solution and service for their print and document management needs.

    Cardy is a company that partners with many major global manufacturers, primarily Canon, HP, Oki, Fujifilm and Kyocera, as well as being a general reseller for all printer brands. Cardy’s strength is in its diversity. We pick the equipm...

    Small Run Labels - with White Toner

    Much of the cost of producing labels is in set up costs. That's why many label companies don't want to know about it unless you're doing 5000+ labels; it just gets too expensive.

    With the Oki Pro series that's now a thing of the past. The versatility of the Oki Pro 1050, which has great substrate versatility, and white toner as an option, gives you the ability to print any shape label up to 130mm wide, one label at a time, or as many as you like.

    The Oki Pro 1050 is a great machine for a...

    Finishing labels was never so easy

    Finishing Labels was never so easy with the Virgo Label Finisher, from Cardy.

    The Virgo finisher will digitally cut virtually any shape, to an accuracy of 0.3mm, and do it as many times as you like. If you can imagine it, you’ll be able to cut it.

    The Virgo unwinds, laminates if required, cuts, strips and rewinds any roll of labels up to 220mm wide. The Scorpio floor standing machine gives you the ability to go up to 330mm wide. Gone are the days of plates for small runs. Create a cut fi...