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    Small Run Labels - with White Toner

    Much of the cost of producing labels is in set up costs. That's why many label companies don't want to know about it unless you're doing 5000+ labels; it just gets too expensive.

    With the Oki Pro series that's now a thing of the past. The versatility of the Oki Pro 1050, which has great substrate versatility, and white toner as an option, gives you the ability to print any shape label up to 130mm wide, one label at a time, or as many as you like.

    The Oki Pro 1050 is a great machine for any company wanting to bring their label printing inhouse, as well as print houses who want to enter into label printing for their customers, or companies who have much larger machines that are uneconomic to set up for small runs. The Oki Pro 1050 compliments the large machines extremely well.

    Check out the Oki and the complimentary Virgo finisher here: