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    Cardy Ltd Service Agreement Terms & Conditions version 202305

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    Website Terms and conditions

    Acceptance of each delivery of goods shall be taken as an acceptance of these conditions of sale.

    1. Payment for all goods and services ordered on-line must be made by credit card before delivery, or, (with approval from our office), within seven days of receipt of invoice, unless monthly credit has been agreed to by Cardy Ltd, in which case payment is strictly by 20th of the month following invoice.
    2. Method of payment as detailed at the time of sale unless otherwise arranged.
    3. If you are seeking credit, under the terms of the Privacy Act  2020, you irrevocably authorise any person or company to provide us with such information as we may require in response to our credit enquiries and you authorise us to furnish to any third party details of this credit application or sale and any subsequent dealings you may have with us as a result of this transaction being actioned by us.
    4. We reserve the right to charge collection costs on overdue accounts and to add interest charges at the rate of 25% p.a .